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     History Of

Kaihuku Kerai Shin Ryu

     How did the National Kaihuku Kerai Shin Ryu Organization come about? Kancho Clymer was communicating with his senior student Greg Giovaniello about changes in Kyokushin karate and he joking said maybe I will start my own system. Greg stated he has been wanting Idris to do this for several years but was nervous about discussing this subject. After his conversation with Greg, Idris shared this information with his wife Victoria and she told him now is the time to move on.

Within two hours Victoria came up with the name of the new system Kaifuku Kerai Shin meaning resilient servant (of God) with a strong mind, body and spirit. Idris discussed his new system with other adult students who supported him and within a week the Kaifuku Kerai Shin took on a new form. Aaron Hutt Sr. developed the patch, Victoria and Greg were instrumental in finding the Japanese writing and Greg contacted the agency that would make the patches and put the symbol on the new uniforms (dogi). Idris developed the school oath, rules, etc., but maintain that the katas, training, and fighting learned in kyokushin.

     The first dojos (schools) were founded in May 2013, the first in the Bronx, New York under the instructions of Sensei Giovaniello, Sandan and Branch Chief. The New York dojo became the Headquarters for Kaihuku Kerai Shin Ryu. The second dojo fell under Sensei Larry Mathis Sr., Shodan, Branch Chief Wilmington, Delaware. Within a month Sensei Jerome J. Gumbs, Sandan, Branch Chief of Maryland joined and two months later Sensei Vonia De La Garza, Nidan, Branch Chief, Arizona joined. Within a four month period four schools presently make of the Kaifuku Kerai Shin Ryu Organization.

     On June 22, 2013, then Shihan Dr. Idris A. Clymer, Rukudan held his first promotion test in at the Wilmington, Delaware dojo. Sensei Giovaniello displayed dedication, commitment, and courage as he tested for his Sandan (3rd degree). Sensei Greg task was to fight 30 times and was limited in his fighting due to his inability to kick because of his injured hips. This did not stop him, but due to being drained and the pain he was experiencing from his hip he was able to fight 24 times and was awarded his Sandan. Also testing was Sensei Larry Mathis Sr., who was successful in fighting 10 times earning his Shodan and becoming the Branch Chief of Delaware. Aaron Hutt tested and earned his brown belt and became the National Chief Administrator for KKRS and was very instrumental in developing the KKRS website, newsletter, id-cards, and responsible for all correspondences and administrative duties associated with the organization. Ethan Williams tested and achieved the rank of green belt.

     Sensei Giovaniello, hosted the first annual summer camp in the Bronx, New York a three and a half day of training in July a very successful event. During that time the KKRS Council was formed consisting of Sensei Giovaniello, Sensei Gumbs, Sensei Mathis, Sempai Hutt and newly promoted Sempai Pat Prtriello, brown belt and Chief Administrator for the New York dojo. Also during camp a meeting was held and Shihan Clymer was elevated by majority vote to Kancho. The official color at the time for the uniform symbol was blue but later change to purple meaning leaning towards wealth in family, friendships, associations, life and spiritual development thanks to Sempai Pat. Sempai Aaron developed the KKRS organizational chart as illustrated in this handbook. Kancho Clymer maintains tradition and loves the saying “If it is not broke why fix it only improve upon it.” Kancho Clymer also believes in giving recognition to those who paved the way for him and will always give honor and respect to the following: Sosai Mas Oyama founder of Kyokushinkai, Joko Ninomiya, Kancho’s first instructor and to Shinhan Joseph Hamamoto, Kancho’s last instructor for their development in his life as a martial artist.          Upon further deliberation and prayer Kancho Clymer held a meeting with his council members excluding Sensei Giovaniello to promote Sensei Giovaniello to the rank of Godan and title of fuku-Kancho and Shihan. All council members gave their approval and related that the promotion was well- deserving. OSU!

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