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Kaihuku Kerai Shin Ryu Foundations


The History of Kaihuku Kerai Shin Ryu


How did the National Kaihuku Kerai Shin Ryu Organization come about? Kancho Clymer was communicating with his senior student Greg Giovaniello about changes in Kyokushin karate and he joking said maybe I will start my own system. Greg stated he has been wanting Idris to do this for several years but was nervous about discussing this subject. After his conversation with Greg, Idris shared this information with his wife Victoria...


Kaihuku Kerai Shin Ryu Lineage


Osu, train long enough and eventually somebody will ask you about your Karate lineage. This is a sort of Karate family tree and if you decide to take your training seriously you should know where you came from. I’ve been able to put together our lineage back before the term Karate was ever spoken, this will also help when outsiders question if we are a bunch of people making stuff up or if we had legitimate teachers. *while putting this together I discovered that...


Kaihuku Kerai Shin Mission and Goal


Our mission is to provide each and every one of our students with self-confidence, great health and fitness, discipline, and the skills needed to defend themselves and those who are unable to defend themselves.  We will strive to teach our students to be successful in life through the practice of martial arts ...


School Oath (Dojo Kun)



(1) Through developing of our minds, hearts, and bodies our spirit will become stronger.

(2) Through studying and practice we will gain the wisdom to become masters of our senses.

(3)Through committing, dedicating and being consistent our paths in life...



The Mottos of Kaihuku Kerai Shin Ryu


(The resilient Servant of God who serves God with a strong mind, body, and spirit)


     1.   As a resilient Servant to truly understand your opponent we must first know ourselves and never think that karate is practiced in the dojo only...


The Ten Religious Principles


The ten religious principles of Kaihuku Kerai Shin Ryu ( The Resilient Servants of God who serves God with a strong mind, body, and spirit)


     1.   As a resilient servant I have been commanded to be strong and couragous, not be...


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