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Kaihuku Kerai Shin Ryu


By Gregory Giovaniello


     Osu, train long enough and eventually somebody will ask you about your Karate lineage. This is a sort of Karate family tree and if you decide to take your training seriously you should know where you came from. I’ve been able to put together our lineage back before the term Karate was ever spoken, this will also help when outsiders question if we are a bunch of people making stuff up or if we had legitimate teachers. *while putting this together I discovered that everyone in the lineage was a Kancho who created their own style.


Sokon Matsumura (1809-1901)                                             Kanryo Higashionna(Mar 10, 1853-Oct 1915)


  Shuri Te                                                                                Naha Te


Anko Asato (1827-1906)                                                       Chojun Miyagi (Apr 25, 1888-Oct 8,1953)  


Anko Itosu (1831-March 11, 1915)                                       Goju Ryu


Shorin Ryu                                                                                      


Gichen Funakoshi (Nov 10, 1868-Apr 26, 1957)                   Gogen Yamaguchi


Shotokan                                                                                 (Jan 20, 1909- May 20, 1989) Goju Kai




Masutatsu Oyama (Jul 27, 1923- Apr 26,1994) Kyokushin



Hideyuki Ashihara (Dec 5, 1944- Apr 24, 1995) Ashihara Karate



Joko Ninomiya (Jan 27, 1954 - Present) Enshin Karate



Idris Clymer (Apr 16, 1954 - Present) Kaihuku Kerai Shin Ryu



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