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The Mottos of Kaihuku Kerai Shin Ryu

The Mottos of Kaihuku Kerai Shin Ryu (The resilient Servant of God who serves God with a strong mind, body, and spirit)


     1.   As a resilient servant to truly understand your opponent we must first know ourselves and never think that karate is practiced in the dojo only.


     2.   As a reslient servant we trust in the path that we have chosen with a mind that is strong to endure life's difficulties.


     3.   As a resilient servant of the martial arts we must develop a spirit free from fear.


     4.   As a resilient servant even though we are face with many obstacles in life we will seek wisdom through meditation.


     5.   As resilient servants our bodies and mind will become stronger through daily rigorous training.


     6.   As a resilient servant, true martial artists know the true master of the karate is one who has learned to fight with their mind, and that their hands and feet are only used to defend.


     7.   A resilient servant understands that self-improvement is obtained through loyalty, self-discipline, humility, hard work and constant self-evaluation.


     8.   As a resilient servant we will maintain the true path of the bushido way and develop courage by strenghtening our hearts, minds, and bodies.


     9.  A resilient servant realizes the main principle of karate is to develop strong character and integrity.


     10.  As a resilient servant we will always humble ourselves before God and mankind and work towards perfection.

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