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Sensei Aaron Hutt Sr, Nidan

Heisho/Chief Administrator

Aaron L. Hutt Sr. born May 22, 1969 in Wilmington DE is the youngest of five children and started studying martial arts at the very young age of 5yrs old.  With no formal training, he attended training classes with his Mother Vera J. Hutt and Aunt Jan whom both earned their 2nd degree black belts in Gogu, under the Sensei Joe Robinson.  Over the years, Aaron gained extended knowledge of the arts through sitting, listening, watching and lightly participating in various classes, three to four days a week for many years.  Thus began his life time history of athletics.


During his school career, Aaron participated in various sports, in the community, He played football (Trojans), softball for the Kingwoods Community Center and joined the swim team at Browns Boys Club.  During his school years, he participated in basketball, track, tennis and soccer.  For years, Aaron continued to play many sports until he developed major problems with his knees.  After surgery on his knees and many sessions of physical therapy, Aaron's therapist introduced him to the world of cycling, which led him to become an avid cyclist.


Cycling became Aaron's main sport of choice for many years.  He joined the local cycling community and even began racing for Mountain Dew on Team Mountain Dew Sport.  Even through cycling wasn't a popular sport among blacks, Aaron gained the respect of his community and received many questions and comments about this sport.  Overall, he wasn't welcomed into the sport with open arms, due to the color of his skin.  However, he didn't let that stop or bother him and continued riding for up to fifteen thousand miles a year for several years.


Being the proud father of four, changing work schedules and minor health issues caused Aaron to tremendously scale down his cycling.  Instead, he focused on his children and involved them in many different sports and activities like football, basketball, dance and cheerleading.  In 2011, his son Aaron Jr. and daughter Bryce were enrolled in a karate class at LJ's PlayPen Academy where they studied Kyokushin-Kai martial arts under Sensei Idris Clymer.


Aaron became so interested in Kyokushin-Kai himself that upon approval of his doctor, Dr Yvette Gbemudu, began taking classes in December 2011.  Through hard work and dedication, Aaron bypassed his blue belt and received his yellow belt from Sensei Clymer in June 2012.  In May 2013, Sensei Clymer began a new karate system, Kaifuku Kerai Shin Ryu, which Aaron has embraced completely.  During this time period with the guidance of Jesus Christ Our Lord, Aaron has designed the new Kaifuku Kerai Shin logo, state shoulder patches, created websites and monthly news letter.  Currently, Aaron has received his Nidon (black belt) and the Natiional Chief Administrator by  Dr Idris Clymer, Kancho, 8th Dan.



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