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  1)    Bowing In.
  2)    Meditation.
  3)    Exercise.
  4)    Stretching
  5)    Punching/Kicking Technique
  6)    Self/Defense.
  7)    Katas.
  8)    Sparring
  9)    Meditation.
  10)  Oath
 1.   Always show respect towards your instructors, visiting black-belts and individuals in class with a belt ranking higher than yours.
 2.   No horseplay is allowed during class.
 3.   No jewelry.
 4.   No gum, food or drinks allowed.
 5.   No swearing or indecent behavior.
 6.   Respect to instructors and senior students.
 7.   No sparring or self-defense techniques without supervision.
 8.   Class area must be cleaned before and after class.  This is the responsibility of all white belts.
 9.   Uniforms must be cleaned and pressed for every class.  (Gi should be washed inside out to maintain color in cold water)
 10.  Personal hygiene will be adhered to all times.
 11.  Tardy students will stretch out of the immediate area of the class.  Once finished, they will procede to the senior instructor to bow in and then fall in with the rest of the class.
 12.  Athletic protectors, mouth guards and chest protectors for females are mandatory during sparring sessions.
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