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Dr. Idris Ameer Clymer    

8th Dan


Dr. Idris Ameer Clymer is the founder and director of Kaihuku Kerai Shin Ryu Karate.  He presides over the Kaifuku organization from the headquarters (Honbu) in Wilmington, DE.  His title as head of the Kaihuku is "Kancho" means Founder/Director.


Idris was born on April 16, 1954, in Tarrytown, New York famously known for the Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Headless Horseman). Idris was raised by his mother Mary and stepfather whom he affectionately calls father and dad William Hite.  Idris’ biological father died when Idris was very young.  Idris is the youngest boy of two older brothers Clyde and Stanley and one younger sister Sharon (Sheri).  He is presently married to Victoria Mells-Clymer and they have in their blended family two sons name Jamaal Clymer and Dr. Jamal Berry, three daughters Rashida Berry-Pipes (Sweetpea), Atiya K. Clymer and Jamilah Clymer-Money (Mouse) and Larry Pipes Sr. (son in Love) and Dr. Jhan Berry (daughter in love) and Ian Money Son in Love).  They have 10 grandchildren Mark Richardson, Larry Pipes Jr. Kameron Pipes, Marty Pipes, Angela Berry, Kandice Berry, Laila Huston, Jayden Berry, Julian Clymer-Money and Julia Berry.


At a young age Idris played various sports football, track and baseball.  He continued to play football throughout his school years and also was on the track team in which he excelled as a high jumper.  One of Idris’ passions was boxing he was pretty good with his hands so, at age 15, he started training at the Gage Boxing Gym in White Plains New York.  He did very well as an amateur and after winning one of his amateur bouts In Maine he was offered to turn pro that same night and fought his first professional fight a four rounder in which he won by decision. Idris continue to box for a few more years, but gave it up to study martial arts.  His karate training began at age 19, under Sensei Joko Ninomiya, in Kyokushinkai Karate in White Plains, NY.  Idris loved training in karate and would practice many hours a day in which he excelled through the belt ranks.  He entered into and won many tournaments  or placing in the top two category in fighting and katas (forms).  Upon earning his black belt his life took a turn in which he had to make a decision that would alter his life in the martial arts. Idris joined the United States Air Force at age 24 left New York only to be stationed in San Angelo, TX. 


While there he continued to train but there were no Kyokushin Dojos available.  He left Texas and moved to Pope Air Force Base, North Carolina and continued his training on his own without an instructor for one and a half years.  He was then transferred to Los Angeles Air Base, California and decided to use his skills to teach the children that lived on the base in San Pedro.  This was the start of his teaching career in the martial arts.  He started out with 60 students and he admitted it was very trying at first, but as he saw his students develop this motivated him all the more.  He entered his students in local tournaments and several of them would place in first or second in fighting or katas earning Idris a reputation as an outstanding instructor with well disciplined students.  Two of his favorite students Kenny Holloway and Clarence (Boola) Robella were always top competitor in tournaments.  Although Kancho lost touch with Kenny, he is sure he turned out to be a fine young man.  Clarence Boola Robella became a well known character animator.


While shopping at a local martial arts store the owner inquired what style Idris taught and he stated Kyokushinkai. The owner informed him their was a man teaching Kyokushinkai at a park just a couple of miles from his store and gave him  the address.  Idris immediately left the store and drove to the park, and to his surprise the class had just started.  He watched the instructor in amazement and was smiling from ear to ear patiently waiting for the class to end so he could introduce himself.  When the class ended he introduced himself and soon became the student to Shihan Dr. Joseph Hamamoto, 4th, degree black belt.  Idris established a loving relationship with his new instructor whom he also learned would talk directly with the Kyokushinkai founder Mas Oyama.  Idris earned his Nidan from Shihan Hamamoto and  studied under Shihan Hamamoto until he became inactive in karate thus motivating Idris to start his own style.  Idris gives great honor and respect to Shihan Hamamoto for imparting his knowledge, wisdom and skills. 


Idris left Los Angeles in 1986, and was stationed at Yokota Air Base Japan and was excited that he was moving to the land where his karate style was founded and he would have the opportunity to visit the Kyokushinkai Headquarter and train under the founder Mas Oyama Kancho.  Idris did not waste any time starting up a class on Yokota,  He put on a karate demonstration in the base fitness center only to learn that on the same day in 1951 Mas Oyama began teaching karate to U.S. Army personnel in Japan, at camps in Zama, Fuchu, and at the Taichikawa Air Base.  This was a great honor for Idris and his class began to grow.  He was recognized as one of the hardest instructor’s on the base and it was displayed in his style of teaching and fighting techniques.   A Kyokushinkai delegation attended one of Idris’ promotion testing of his students and witnessed the tough requirements placed upon his students, Mas Oyama bestowed upon Idris what he considered the greatest achievements in his martial arts career by being identified as one of his hardest instructors.  


After teaching on base for four years Idris was transferred to Lowry Air Force Base, Denver, Colorado.  Idris immediately started up a class there for the next four years.  While stationed in Colorado, Idris participated in many point system tournaments and was ranked number 3 in fighting and 4 in katas. Idris left Colorado and was stationed at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Tucson, Arizona and again started up a class and taught on base for a total of six years.  Upon leaving Arizona, he was transferred to Dover Air Force Base, Dover, Delaware and taught on base for two years and retired from the Air Force.  Idris is presently teaching in Wilmington, Delaware.


How did Kaihuku Kerai Shin Ryu come about?  Well Idris was communicating with his senior student Greg Giovaniello about changes in Kyokushin and he joking said "Maybe I will start my own system."  Upon hearing this Greg stated he has been wanting Idris to do this for several years but was too nervous to bring the subject up.  After his conversation with Greg, Idris shared this information with his wife and she told him now is the time to move on.  Within two hours Victoria came up with the name of the new system Kaihuku Kerai Shin meaning resilient servant (of God) with a strong mind, body and spirit.   Idris discussed his new system with other adult students who supported him and within a week the Kaihuku Kerai Shin took on a new form.  Aaron Hutt Sr. developed the patch, Victoria and Greg were instrumental in finding the Japanese writing and Greg contacted the agency that would make the patches and put the symbol on the new uniforms(gi).  Idris developed the school oath, rules, etc., but maintain that the katas, training, and fighting learned in kyokushin.  His motto is why break something that works because he still has a great deal of love and respect for Mas Oyama.

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