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Mark Rainey Sr., Pastor

Pastor Rainey, a native of Baltimore, Maryland, was born on Septemtber 2, 1962.  Having committed to and joined Kaihuku Kerai Shin in March 2018, Dr. Rainey now serves a the Pastor for this amazing and extremely necessary martial arts system.  He is committed to the consisten and continual prayer for our leadership, and every student along with their families; that the Grace, Mercy, and Favor of Almighty God woud rest upon us as we grow, promote, and cultivate support for Kaihuku Kerai Shin.  Pastor Rainey serves as the Pastor of The Restoration Fellowhip churh, is Founder of People Builders, Inc.  Non-Profit organization designed to serve the needs of all people, and is the published author of three books.  It is through the desire of his son Eli wanting to learn karate that Pastor rainey was introduced to Kaihuku Kerai Shin.  Osu!!!

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