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Many times I have stated that karate is more than just kicks, punches and katas, the backbone and foundation of any system is its history.  Without history we are nothing but individuals who can perform certain skills, animals can be taught similar things but one thing they cannot do is convey history.  It is an honor to have one amongst us that love to do research and provide us with history and that is Shihan Gregory Giovaniello.    It is vitally important to stay abreast of the research and history that he provides to make us knowledgeable of who we are as martial artist.  I want to personally thank Shihan Giovaniello for his hard work, dedication and commitment.  OSU


Greg Giovaniello

4th Dan

Brief History of the Karate Uniform and Belt


As Karate-ka (one who studies Karate) we wear a uniform called a Dogi (Japanese), Keikogi (Okinawan) or Gi. The Dogi was developed by judo Founder Jigoro Kano around the year 1888 when he was twenty eight to help students with their grappling techniques. In 1907 Kano changed the Dogi...

A Short Kata History


The Kaifuku Kerai Shin Ryu kata curriculum stems out from the Kyokushin Karate system. Kyokushin was formed in the year 1954 by Sosai Mas Oyama, whom built his school on the teachings of Shotokan and Goju Ryu combined. When we speak of our Kata we have both Northern and Southern influence.


     The northern Kata derived from the Shotokan use long deep stances, high kicks, jumping technique and straight or linear movements. It is said that the terrain...

Seiza: The Kneeling Posture


Seiza. It is the basic kneeling position used at the beginning and the end of martial arts classes and is associated with bowing in respect for teachers and other students.In this posture the knees are bent 180 degrees with the calves tucked under the thighs

so you sit on your heels, toes pointed.


Few today, however, give it more than a momentary...

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